There is No Fate But What We Make: Wrong history taught in Indian schools - Why ?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wrong history taught in Indian schools - Why ?

The history that Indians read in schools is full of misinterpretations,
selective leaving out of facts and utter falsifications !
Over the next few posts, I will substantiate this claim.
But first, the "why" ? Many people, who agree with this,
attribute this wrong teaching to the British occupation.
While I have no love lost for the British (God, I can never
forgive them for the Bengal famines that killed in millions),
I do not attribute this to them. We have been independent
for more than half a century. This is about time we stop
blaming the British for all ills in our country. This wrong reading
of history is mostly our own doing. Why do we read wrong history ?
Because this is suitable to some people !
We Indians take pride in our democracy and waste no chance to
deride our neighbour on this front. Little do we realize that
when you see who really wields power in our societies,
India and Pakistan are no different. The ruling class has been in
power down the centuries of our entire history - the changes in
political structure has had very superficial influence on
the grassroots. And it is this ruling class to whom the falsification
of history is convenient.
The falsification is not an accident or a foreign occupation
(aka "colonial") hangover.
It is by design. It exists because it makes it possible for the ruling class
to continue the current unfair setup of Indian society.


At Sunday, October 23, 2005 6:02:00 PM, Blogger observer said...

When it comes to history, right or wrong is not a black-and-white classification. It all depends on what is highlighted, what is suppressed, how events are interpreted, what kind of a time horizon is invoked, etc.

Two questions:

1. Is what done in India any different from how history is taught in other countries?
2. Does an average teenager have the maturity to appreciate multiplicity of interpretations?




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