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Monday, June 22, 2009

ActiveStatement - Nice online service from CAMS

This is a really good service from CAMS (Computer Age Management Services). If you have invested in mutual funds and provided an email address in the fund application, you can enter the email address here at the CAMS site. It will fetch ALL your fund portfolios and send you an encrypted & password protected statement covering all the funds. There's more.

Once you have received and opened the statement, it comes "alive". You can interact with it like it's an application. Provide inputs, make corrections, view information on your holdings.

It even let's you do transactions (I haven't tried it yet). It's rare when the Indian financial services industry comes up with an innovative product that is useful for investors. So this definitely is a welcome change. This product is so good that if I were a regular mutual fund investor, I would pay to have access to it. It's possible that the product may become a paid product in the future. Or regulations may severely curtail its usefulness. So enjoy it for free till then. After that you can take a call if you would find it useful enough to pay for it.


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