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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Don't give in, without a fight !!!

This post is not about the famous Pink Floyd song. But it is what I want to say to the Indian administration today. I am not the patriotic type (saying this on Jan 26th !), but I am amazed at the foolish manner India is wasting away the golden opportunity she has.

So, US Ambassador David Mulford says the nuclear deal is off, unless India votes in its favour, against Iran. And India is meekly towing the line. Hang on ! haven't we forgotten what Chanakya wrote in his book, a book that we keep touting to the world. "Keep your cards close to the chest" – Which part of this is the administration not understanding ?
US administration's bullying tactics are in line with its self interest and the hawkish right-wing government it has. But why doesn't India realize that it is US that needs the nuclear deal with India more than she does ? India is US's only chance of having a real ally in this part of Asia - standing as she does among decided US haters. India can get access to alternate sources of energy even if she can't get nuclear fuel from NSG. To hell with NSG. There's plenty of natural gas left in Asia/Russia. Combine this with non-conventional energy resources, India can last till fusion is ready to deliver energy (at that time, nuclear fuels like uranium/thorium will no longer be required, obviating the need for NSG's approval). In this scenario, for multiple reasons, US needs India much more that India needs US. Just what stops India to come to agreement with Iran/Pakistan for the gas pipeline ? US approval ? Even if India has to agree with US on Iran, it should do so in its own terms. If she must sell her soul, at least extract a hefty price. There's no point in going into whether the actions against Iran are fair or not. Who cares if Iran is really going for nuclear weapons or not ? Diplomacy has nothing to do with fairness. If India has to take a stand, she should do so based on her interests – not those of US, not those of Israel. The best strategy for India is to maintain the ambiguity about which side it is on. Don't throw the lot either way. Chanakya would smile from heavens if India did that. Because it will lead to US and Iran bargaining for support and trying to outbid each other in terms of the reward India will receive for support. Ambiguity should be India's mantra. Sometimes this surprises me. Why do countries like Pakistan and India sell themselves so cheap ? Pakistan volte-face on Taliban and keeping mum on civilian deaths in its country by US airstrikes, were bought by US at a very cheap price. US got a very good deal. But India is not asking for ANY quid-pro-quo. Pakistan was at least promised 4 billion USD and (no longer cutting-edge) F-16s. What is India getting ? Indian government seems to be more spineless than Pakistan's Musharraf regime.

Anyone wants to sing with me ?
We don't need no nuclear deal, we don't need no bullying !


At Tuesday, February 07, 2006 4:30:00 PM, Anonymous Hiren Shah said...

From layman to countries, everyone works according to their vested interest.

At Saturday, February 11, 2006 7:16:00 AM, Blogger indiacorporatewatch said...

Greetings Comrade

Not many people with leftist views in the Indian blogosphere

Good to know that you live in bangalore too

If you are interested in any social engineering ?


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