There is No Fate But What We Make: Are Ahoms the real Rajputs ?

Friday, September 30, 2005

Are Ahoms the real Rajputs ?

First off, we should stop saying "Assam" and "Assamese". These are
british coined phrases the Ahom people can never relate to.

Ok, so what ? Why am I talking about the Ahoms ? And what do they
have to do with the Rajputs ? Read on.

The Ahoms have a proud history. They were originally a shan people
(a branch of the mongoloid family). They started migrating from the
region of upper burma into the Brahmaputra valley about a thousand
years back. Over the centuries, they intermingled with natives and
developed a culture which is mixture of various cultures.
The most significant aspect was that though they got absorbed into
hinduism and yet never developed any caste system.

How did this matter ? While the rest of India had capitulated
successively under Turkish, Afghan and Mughal invasions, the Ahoms
did not. They had their own history of aggressive empire building.
Unfettered by caste shackles, every adult Ahom responded to the
King's call to defend their homeland. For three hundred years Mughal
forces repeatedly tried to extend their suzerainty to the Brahmaputra
valley. Hard fought phyrric mughal victories only led to temporary
subjugation. The central asian battle tactics of mughal forces
which worked so well elsewhere, completely failed in these
marshy lands. Midnight boat raids were common and often annihilated
mughal garrisons. The Ahoms managed to preserve their
independence almost all through the mughal period.

The reason I have chosen to highlight this here is that the history
books taught in India are completely silent about this.
What do they teach instead ? That it was the Rajputs that fought
the Mughals. Maintaining silence about the Ahom resistance,
our history books keep eulogizing the Rajputs.
I wish to destroy this myth. Yes, there were was the Rajput
confederacy which fought Babar in Kanwa. But while the battle
is mentioned, it is conveniently omitted that Babar's strength
was one tenth in number. With a force so much smaller, Babar
defeated a confederacy of Rajput kings. So much for Rajput bravery.
If all Rajput kings together could not defeat a much smaller Mughal
army, what were the chances of individual rulers ? Babar is often
wrongly given the credit of establishing the Mughal empire in India.
He did not. It was Akbar. Babar's sole effect in the Indian scenario
was the final destruction of any Rajput chances of a comeback.
After the Kanwa battle, Rajput resistance to Mughal rule was an
exception rather than the norm. Except for Udai and Rana Pratap,
all Rajput kings accepted Mughal supremacy. Far from fighting the
Mughals, a d├ętente evolved between Rajputs and Mughals. Many
Rajput kings accepted ranks within the Mughal ministries. Many
Rajput warriors fought and led wars to help and extend the Mughal
empire (Man singh, Todarmal, Birbal). Many Rajputs created alliances
through marriages of Rajput princesses into Mughal courts. Salim's
mother (Jodha Bai) is the most well known but there were
numerous such cases.
These facts are glossed over in our history books.

Note that nowhere I am saying that Mughal empire was necessarily
a bad thing. Nor am I saying anyone who fought it was good and
anyone who helped it was bad. The peace agreements between the
Rajputs and the Mughals was a blessing for India as it ushered
in some peace in north India. Objective readers of history will
note however, that this was not a friendship of equals.
The subordinate status of Rajputs in this relationship was obvious
due to Rajput kings paying tribute to Mughal emperor and serving
them with arms and men. Also, flow of brides for marriage was
strictly one-way, towards Mughals (i don't condone this attitude but
the reality of our society is that this is a symbol of inferiority).
My goal of writing this post is merely to correct the myth
that Rajputs fought the Mughals and to create an awareness about the
Ahom history.


At Wednesday, November 02, 2005 3:58:00 AM, Anonymous Orion said...

Very illuminating sharing charu. I am impressed. Actually the history books have been dominated by leftist historians for quite some time. And hence Mughals are "benevolent" rulers, there is no proper mention of Jewish holocaust etc. North-east and South have been alienated.. So many things.. U have a good knowledge base. Keep up the good work..

At Wednesday, November 02, 2005 4:48:00 AM, Blogger Charu Majumdar said...

thanks Orion.

"Actually the history books have been dominated by leftist historians for quite some time."
Could you substantiate ? In my opinion
Mughals have NOT been treated fairly
in Indian history books. But that's
part of a bigger lie of Indian history. Will write a post on that.

"North-east and South have been alienated."
couldn't agree more !

At Tuesday, November 15, 2005 9:58:00 AM, Anonymous Zorawar said...

While the comments about how the Ahoms, north-east, and south are justified the following is not:

"While the rest of India had capitulated successively under Turkish, Afghan and Mughal invasions, the Ahoms did not."

It's a huge exageration. They capitulated only after centuries of attacks...but they rose up again and again.

the best example are the much maligned Rajputs. Even though the early Hindu states of North India had perished, newer states in Rajputana came up and dominated North Indian history for hundreds of years. The same can be said for Vijaynagar and Orissa.

It was because of their resistance that India was not converted to Islam.

Check out:

At Thursday, March 16, 2006 7:22:00 PM, Blogger Gawain said...

I have a question: the Ahoms spoke Ahom until 1600's (a language in the Tai family). then they switched to what is today known as Assamese. my question is this: who spoke the assamese language until the Ahoms made it their own?

ps. i have written a little about rajputs here:

At Friday, February 15, 2008 2:00:00 AM, Blogger Gog said...

like not all punjabis are sikh... simillarly not all assamese are Ahoms. Ahoms are those who migrated to assam and established their rule..

At Thursday, May 15, 2008 2:14:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahom kingdom during the 1600 AD saw the rise n fall of many kings than ever.only the powerful king remained-language(ahom to assamese),religion(hinduism adoption) etc.What about some of the exiled kings,prince,relatives n others who survived on the hills???? They speak the original language,religion etc?????I think more search required???

At Sunday, October 12, 2008 7:55:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Babur had much smaller army but what about tanks?
Babur had tanks with him and Rajput had swords. After the battle of khanwa.. How far did Babur go? tell me.
After that battle, all his army was shattered.

At Monday, November 17, 2008 11:01:00 PM, Blogger Winner Nachiket said...

Hi guys ;
Its very freshening to read this blog as amidst of such atomosphere around us , and youth having absolltuely no knowledge about history.
No doubt Mughals have dominated Hindusthan over a long period, still there were some forces which stood infront of Mughals. ( Marathas, Ahoms, Bahamanis to mention a few ),in later part Marathas went on to rule major part of india , under able forces of Bhonsale, Shidne(sindhiya), Gaikwad, Holkar, Peshwas.
Ahom no doubt remained unconquered , but the major assistance to them was from geographical conditions. No doubt on there abilities though .
Now about the history books, wel in 1980s a fight was going on in Assam against bangladeshi's migration. one point also rose on that ocassion, WHETEHER ASSAM IS A PART OF INDIA or NOT.
Now when historians put there views they didnt consider NorthEastern part as Hindusthan.

At Tuesday, January 20, 2009 3:47:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rajput word used in the history of India during Mughal period for hindu military labourers. You can not find this word used for actual rulers on any old inscriptions.
Ferrista states that the word Rajput was used for illegitimate sons of kings not legitimate to rule. Muslims first time made them Governors and Gahadwal was the first Rajput rulers after the fall of their lord the Gaznavi who appointed them.
Later Mughals also used their services in terms of military labour as well as taking their females in to their harams. It was a practice among rajputs to give thier daughters to kings and no other hindu ever gave their duaghters to Muslim rulers willingly.

At Sunday, June 14, 2009 11:31:00 PM, Blogger neal said...

wow....bro...thx 4 illuminatin me
dat wz todays history books u hardly evr find nething about the northeast.....they jus go on wid dere age old rubbish bout the north....

At Thursday, June 25, 2009 5:17:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muslim rulers start attack on india from 700AD But rajput stop them for 500years,and so muslim take 500 years to setup first empire in india i.e is delhi and ajmer,and after that rajputs stop them in delhi for next 100 years then under allu din khalji muslim empire start expanding from out side delhi,but after death of allu din khalji again rajputs won their kingdoms,then for next 100 years muslisms could not expand their empire,but when babar came muslim empire expand in north india,abd under akbar muslim empire sprear all over in india,so the conclusion of this is that muslim take 700 years to won all india

At Wednesday, July 15, 2009 2:49:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude first of all no muslim ruler wanted to come to assam..was a jungle then,and there is not a braver soul than a rajputs..ahoms were brave but they have no input to indian development

At Wednesday, July 15, 2009 6:46:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

to the anonymous commenter above - you obviously have not read the history of mughal - ahom conflicts. i can suggest you a few books if you are interested.

At Tuesday, August 11, 2009 4:14:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI Readers...definately most of us commenting here appreciate India;s history - the beauty of history is that at all times, it has been subject to interpretation of the reader and expression of the documentor.... Which is why the such intellectual debates spark off at every aspect of a historial fact. Coming to the bravery of the Ahoms.. i am sure , not more the 20% of India has actually ever come across any book which talks about AHOMS and its great history - they were and they remain the only dynasty in the face of India to have ruled for 600 years , surviving every odd !! when you have some time, go deep into the chronicals, the buranjis which reveal what a race Ahoms used to be. Cheers -

At Saturday, October 03, 2009 1:45:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Saturday, October 10, 2009 11:44:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the ahoms belong to the tai or thai race.they migrated to assam in the 13th century from the yunnan province of china under the leadership of chaolung sukapha.they ruled asaam for six hundrerd years.the tai-ahoms succesfully resisted the mughal invasions in assam.while the rajputs surrendered before the superior strenght of the mughal army,the ahoms did not.they continued to fight against the mughals,until the mughals were completely defeated in the battle of saraighat.there is one similarity between the ahoms and the mughals.they both belongs to the mongoloid race.the mughals belong to the mongol race of mongolia.

At Tuesday, November 15, 2011 10:27:00 AM, Anonymous sudip gogoi said...

There is no proper study of the assamese and ahoms of north east in other part of india . so i dont think all the guys who are discussing about the ahoms of assam and and trying to relate to rajput community is totaly fatal. so you guys please try to justify your historical knowledge , this is hostory not a own grandmothers story book. so please don,t cooment anything without your prior knowledge.

At Saturday, January 14, 2012 8:42:00 AM, Anonymous Dr. Biplob said...

till the lions have their own historian, the history of the hunt would always glorify the hunter....this is not my comment, someone else of significance made this comment, but appears to me to be very true

At Thursday, May 10, 2012 10:49:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear sir/ma'am,

Plz suggest me sum of the best history book, no matter weder it's written in English or assamese, of Assam. Speaking out my heart I was not into history subject thruh out my educational lyf, it's not tat I m not interested abot the subject but I can't stand this subject during exams.. :) my email I'd is Do comply to my request..

Thanking you
Rajiv bpg..

At Thursday, May 10, 2012 10:52:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear sir/ma'am,

Plz suggest me sum of the best history book, no matter weder it's written in English or assamese, of Assam. Speaking out my heart I was not into history subject thruh out my educational lyf, it's not tat I m not interested abot the subject but I can't stand this subject during exams.. :) my email I'd is Do comply to my request..

Thanking you
Rajiv bpg..

At Thursday, May 10, 2012 11:51:00 AM, Blogger Tai-Ahom said...

WE ARE THE Rulers of the NORTHEAST INDIA! Its Sad that indian historians do not focused northeast, as if we are not a part of india! Hopefully this won't continue in the future! Pee Ong LEE AHOMS (Tai-MAO)

At Friday, June 08, 2012 8:27:00 AM, Anonymous Chaow Hemanta Madhab Gogoi said...

People of mainland India or even the world have a concept that the people of NE are the ones who lives in jungles still today without any clothes in their body. But how many of them are aware that here there was a community(Tai Ahom), who STITCHED & wore dresses then in 12 century when many of their counterparts didn't even learned to wore any clothes???

How many of them know that the 1st amphitheater of Asia was build in Assam- Ranghar??
How many of them know that the first freedom fighter who revolted against the British was Gomodhar Konwar, which was much before Mangal Pandey did???How many of them know that the first lady martyr of the world was from this part of land-Joymati??
How many of them know about the advanced technologies used by the Tai Ahom kings during their rule then, starting from the 13th century which are still collection of big mysteries for the science today???

Wasn't it all happened because history was hidden totally from the world?

At Friday, June 08, 2012 8:32:00 AM, Anonymous Chaow Hemanta Madhab Gogoi said...

You are true by saying that "WHETEHER ASSAM IS A PART OF INDIA or NOT".
So why not declare this part to be an independent land, rather then discriminating it again & again.

At Friday, February 14, 2014 7:21:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes ahom is best than rajput because ahom have proud history and they fight with mughals and results - ahom wins . Mughals also fight with Rajput and results - mughals wins .

At Sunday, February 16, 2014 7:52:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with the original post. infact raput-mughal alliance repeatedly attacked assam, it was rajputs who helped mughals expand. the sikhs helped the ahoms. Than aurangzeb demoted all rajput officers from the mughal army after the saraighat defeat which led to breakaway of rajputs and formation of maratha- rajput alliance. which overthrew the mughals.

hence ahoms and marathas led to fall of mughals.saying ahoms dont belong to india is a farce. even aryans migrated to india.

turks could not have landed in india had prithviraj chauhan killed muhammad ghauri the first time he defeated. had the rajputs been united, turks and mongols could never have come to india.

At Saturday, December 13, 2014 10:32:00 AM, Anonymous Chauhan said...

Well, honestly there were only a handful of rajputs who were against the mughals. The rest for the clan had already submitted itself to them. AnDo so the fact that it was rajputs who fought against them is undoubtedly ruled out.

At Tuesday, December 30, 2014 8:29:00 AM, Blogger Partha Jyoti Gogoi said...

Hi S.Sarkar,

At fist and it the very beginning,i want to thank you very much with all my heart for such a inspiring blog post.i am short of words to describe my happiness and gratitude to you,to write so beautiful descriptions about us.i never thought other peoples in india ever knew about our dynasty 'tai-ahom'.
even i want to tell you ALL AHOM PEOPLE ARE ASSAMESE BUT ALL ASSAMESE PEOPLE ARE NOT AHOM. assamese language or its literature was generated by a person whom we call a saint or preacher in assam and even we respect him as a god ,his name was "sankardev" he was the one who invented assamese assamese cast literature or alphabets, but ahom had its own literature and language,which was i guess came with our first king (1228 AD)or whom our clan honor as " MONG-RI-MONG RAM(lord of the heaven) our first king who set foot on this beautiful green land and drew the map of 'BOR-ASSAM'(big assam), every year still we celebrate a day on 31st january know as 'Me-dam-me-phi'(pray for our ancestors ahom king ) at this very day we sing,dance bihu and drink rice wine, we invite ahom people in the festival. but i want to let you know bihu is a dance which ahom people invented in a place known as "CHARAIDAO" presently known as Sivsagar.
Sivsagar was planned as a good defensive town or better to say as rapid action force town by the kings,because only ahom military families are allowed to live in sivsagar and our war elephants are not allowed to come inside the capital,so elephants are kept in surrounding town like JORHAT,DIBRUGARH etc , it was due to swift military responds. even plots of lands are divided in military ranks. highest the rank much closer to the kings palace !! like the ahom great military generals surname BURHAGOHAIN, BORGOHAIN,BORBARUA,BORPHUKAN. those are the highest rank in ahoms table. they were like the knights of the king and stay with the king side all the time in the front.
even now those people having those surname has lots of land in sivsagar and near to the ahom royal palace.
Most interesting fact about ahom administrative power is that the king rule ASSAM for a very short period,, because they often involved in battle with the invaders of the east like the tibet & shan. so the state or assam is rule by KOWORI(ahom queen) and queen had her own subjects like ministers or the nobleman, they were also divided in surname like the GOGOI and they look after the tea estates and welfare of the people.
My great great grand father was a nobleman and my great grand father was a eastern pike man in ahom regiment ,who fought in wars and so still my father owns large land in sivsagar but few kilometers away from the royal palace.
We the ahoms share a great history about pride of war and act of valor . our kings built holy places after we adopt hinduism , like TEMPLE OF KAMAKHYA and many more. our very dearest king " RUDRA SINGHA" design it because he was an orthodox hindu after winning the crusade with the mughals. after assam or ahom adopted hinduism marriage proposal from nepal ,orrisa and from viaynagar happened, and it was a glorious time in assam as the king Rudra sagar built military underground fort (KAREN-GHOR),amusement fort (RANG-GHOR) and artificial pond just infront of SIVA TEMPLE named as (JAAI-SAGAR) means "winning sea".it was i guess the glorious time of ahom history.

joi ai asom( long live our motherland asom/INDIA)

At Tuesday, December 30, 2014 8:30:00 AM, Blogger Partha Jyoti Gogoi said...

Well!! i wrote much, if you want to know more i can sent you a copy of the ancient biography written by a British ,who was the lord of a tea estate in assam during british rule.but the original auto biography is still in London Museum. no one has calmed it. not even our government. or ahom people.
AND YES YOU ARE TURE!! mughal history wrote very less about our holy wars against them,because they didn't want any enemy to get famous in their own history books or writings .
Even i want to conclude my writing ,i want to answer a question to a guy who commented in this post, "why india don't give assam a separate country, because this discrimination is going on" !! ans: it happens to every state people, even in assam few nonsense people discriminate other non assamese people or killings happens, so its obvious . we are all equal and we share the same identity as INDIAN and we celebrate indian cricket winning world cup!! even as you know we are very close to CHINA,Assam is the only state they will try to capture as a strategic point. but its not going to happen because We the ahoms are in defense here and those like old days if some one try to take our freedom we will hurt them so much that they will rattle their ancestors!!

A beautiful song for all you guys about AHOM

joi ai asom( long live our motherland asom/INDIA)

At Sunday, June 28, 2015 10:26:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

all those who are comparing ahoms with rajputs and using bad words for rajputs must understand that both rajputs and ahoms had common enemy and they both contributed in the struggle towards freedom.however ahoms had slightmy better advantange in terms of geographical factors and also backup and shelter.but the rajputs,on the other hand,had to face attack from all sides that too for hundreds of years.they has to check attacks from sindh, punjab gujarat even malwa.they had to fight 360 degree....and all they had was desert.i often think how come they remain so powerful even today?? the number of sons rajputs have sacrificed is far more then the ahoms.just imagine arab attack ...arabs gone now turkish attack,turks gone now mongol, then nadir from persia afghan etc there was no break still the rajputs faced all of them and there were none to help or assist rajputs.rajputs fought alone and they fought till the last and still they exist today and they routed there enemy ...all of them.bappa rawal uprooted arabs...and the same was done to mughals.....unlike ahoms...who disappeared and nothing is known abt them.

At Thursday, December 17, 2015 2:09:00 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Thanks for this beautiful write up on Ahom... I think Ahom Dynasty played a vital role along with VijayNagar Dyanasty in avoiding the Moghuls advance in East and Southern part of India.

I think the fight should not be about Rajputs or Ahom's it should be about correcting the history.
Iran , Iraq Syria which was a Zorastrian Country was converted in 1 years time to Islam where the great Mesopotamian civilization existed
Egypt was converted in a few months was converted to Islam where the Egyptian civilization existed
Greece and complete Europe feel to Christianity and the Great Greek Empire is no longer existing

We should be proud to state we have retained our culture after 600 Years of Islam invasion and 300 years of Christian missionary invasion by British Empire

This is exactly what needs to be thought to our children stating we are the oldest culture existing. As Vivekananda rightly said to an European after listening to the speech on Lord Buddha the European asked him if Buddha was so great why did he not come to Europe. Swamy Vivekananda promptly replied Buddha was teaching only to Humans and when Buddha was alive you Europeans were still monkeys

At Sunday, January 31, 2016 2:20:00 AM, Blogger Chao Khonkham said...

Neither Rajputs nor any other indian ruler could defeat mughal but they submitted themselves to mughals.... The rajput, sikhs, arabs, turkish, afghans, tamils, telegus etc invaded mungdunsunkham(assam) with mughals...but couldn't subjugate us we've defeated them 17 times. N taken many of them as our slaves.... Mughaley ahomor logot loga dom nasileng.... Kela mugol au laj put no pung kho bharotiyo.....

At Wednesday, July 27, 2016 9:46:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all ahoms are not the godfather of assam or assamese culture, the ahom military consumed manpowers from other brave tribes like sutiya, moran etc.... as they had marriage relationships. The ahoms had a advancement over rajputs that mughal and ahoms were of same origin... When coming to rajputs they were betrayed by their own people... actually they were not their own.... they were of the hun and kushan origin which were subsumed to indian culture... The main invasion of mughal was uprooted only in north by the marathas and ahoms had nothing to do with that mighty fact... only a part of the mughal army was faced by the powers of eastern region.... main battles were fought by the north.... it is because of rajputs that india is enjoying hinduism.... the ahoms have not their own identifying culture and religion..... the rajputs had to fight with their souls at times.... rajputs were fighting for the whole nation..... ahoms were not...... and it was british who saved ahoms from the burmese invasion..... without that there wouldn't be exsisting any ahom race in assam.....

At Monday, August 15, 2016 6:26:00 AM, Anonymous Chao Dibyo Borgohain said...

Surely u r not from northeast,as you don't have any proper knowledge about assamese culture. and i m not going to give u a lesson about it becos u never gonna understand it. Ahom Kingdom is not represent only the ethainic group of people who had came here crossing the Patkai mountain,which is u can easyly find in internet.but the fact is the internet doesnot give u the proper concept of it. The first king Swargodeo Chaolung Sukaphaa (1228-1268) came here and made the brahmaputra valley united,and together all small kingdom,tribes he established the AhOM KINGDOM, Bor Akhom(big assam)..Borahi,Sutia,MOran , MOtok,Kosari all were the major parts of ahom kingdom. ... While many do known about the heroic resistance of the Marathaas and Rana Pratap against the MUghal ,the Ahoms too played an equally impotant role giving the nightmare to Mughal. There were 18 Major conflicts between ahom and Mughal,and there was only one period ,when the mughal conqured the kingdom. The Mughals were often defeated by THe Ahom,some resulting in decive routs.
"rajputs were fighting for the whole nation..... ahoms were not..."
he he...then why they failed , there were many rajput kingdoms at that time.If they really fighting for whole nation then where was their unity. The fact is nobody at that time were fighting for whole nation or india as at that time India was not united .everysingle kingdom, tribe , community were fighting for their own pride. As a result Rajput were failed . They never conqured a marathaas land,they never defeated the Mughals . Infact at the Battle of Patan Rajputs were defeated by the Marathas.
But the Ahoms didn't give up resistance, and faught against the MUghals with success and Stood up till the last invasion by British east India COmpany..

At Monday, August 15, 2016 7:06:00 AM, Blogger Sumant Sarkar said...

Chao Dibyo.. i am assuming your reply is to the comment by Anonymous above ("First of all ahoms are not the godfather of assam or assamese culture").
You make an excellent point.. still, I request to use a bit more polite language.

At Saturday, August 20, 2016 3:56:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chao Dibya for ur information I would like to tell you that maratha was union of the 96 clans headed by shivaji whose father was a yaduvanshi rajput and mother was a sisodiya.I m not saying that ahoms were not playing a important role .......just wanted to say that don't use bad words for the North West people......u will never come to feel the sacrifices made by those. .....and one question to u -- if ahoms were the single identity then why in these days the assamese people are claiming for individual entity?

At Saturday, August 20, 2016 8:26:00 AM, Blogger Vikas Salunkhe said...

History books specially CBSE BOOKS don't have any real history related to Marathas. Only mougals and there helping hands are made hero's. Mougals are actually invedors who looted our country. Marathas fought for there motherland(era of chatrapati shivaji maharaj to Peshwa).Nothing is mentioned in history books. Marathas destroyed the Mougals kingdom but no school tells you that....real history should be taught in schools.
Also I salute to the Ahom people for there bravery like maratha and fighting against mougals and not giving there motherland.
But in modern time what is happening is a big concern....Mougals are settling in the Ahom land....the bangladeshi illegal immgerends...this is serious problem. Even other parts of india facing this problem due to political gains some parties are supporting this.

At Saturday, August 20, 2016 8:27:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

History books specially CBSE BOOKS don't have any real history related to Marathas. Only mougals and there helping hands are made hero's. Mougals are actually invedors who looted our country. Marathas fought for there motherland(era of chatrapati shivaji maharaj to Peshwa).Nothing is mentioned in history books. Marathas destroyed the Mougals kingdom but no school tells you that....real history should be taught in schools.
Also I salute to the Ahom people for there bravery like maratha and fighting against mougals and not giving there motherland.
But in modern time what is happening is a big concern....Mougals are settling in the Ahom land....the bangladeshi illegal immgerends...this is serious problem. Even other parts of india facing this problem due to political gains some parties are supporting this.

At Sunday, October 23, 2016 2:21:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Assamese was spoken much earlier in the Brahmaputra Valley much before the Shims came.In fact it was the lingua franca of much of the North East until the British with Christianity and English language came around. The language was also the medium of communication in courts of the pre Ahom dynasties of Assam.

Plus the Ahom didn't speak Ahom they spoke Tai.

At Tuesday, November 08, 2016 11:31:00 AM, Blogger Bikzzz Goswami said...

Hi Guys,

All these groups Rajputs, Ahoms, Marathas & Sikhs played roles of success against those invaders. But unluckily Rajputs were defeated by Mughals due to cannon expertise of mughals.
Assamese were aware of Cannons atleast from 1228 because when Sutiyas(local ruling class) of Assam fought against Ahoms during that year they used cannons & Ahoms also used it.
Some Idiot above said "Assam was a jungle during those days". Assam has been mentioned in Mahabharata and by 600 AD many scholars used to come to Assam for study of Astronomy under the great king Bhaskarvarmana.

During medieval times after the death of Muhammad Ghori when Afghans were spreading its terror accross India as they were unstoppable, Bakhtiyar Khilji invaded Assam during 1206 and he was routed by Vishwasundardeva who was the king there and he was not Ahom as they came much later. We Assamese people defeated those Afghan and Turk invaders most of the times long before the advent of Gallant Ahoms. Our ancestors fought against Ahoms and many times we won as wellbut finally Ahoms were the rukers of Assam and it was a mutiethnic kingdom. Whether Ahom or NonAhom we all Assamese kicked the shit out of most successful Mughal conqueror Aurangzeb whose army consisted of Rajputs, Turks, Mughals and European gunners. So, ofcourse Assamese people were real tough guys during those days.

Rajputs were 100% successful till the time of 1st battle of Tarain.

The Marathas kicked the shit of Mughals, to some extent British & Sikhs also did the same thing after Marathas.

And yes, Ahom has contributed in Archeology & Cannon building etc. Assam has contribution towards India in many ways it is just ignored by our corrupt political system.

At Friday, March 10, 2017 5:58:00 AM, Blogger Pushpendra Singh Rathore said...

Rajputs stopped Arabs by sword in India. Bappa Rawal stopped Arabs to enter India and to convert India like they converted Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Persia, Afghanistan. Offcourse in part of India which is today's Pakistan even Rajputs sacrifices could no stop the conversion. Babur was a Mongoloid whose ancestors devasted entire central Asia and Arabs. They had better cannon firing, Rana Sanga fought bravely by sword and laid his sacrifice. Situations compelled Rajputs for certain compromises still they always boosted morale directly or indirectly of Marathas, Sikhs and Jats even though Rajputs fought against each other.

Ahoms are great people who must also get share in History...but for this comparison among brothers is of no use.

Jai Ahoms Jai Rajputs. Both are need of India.

At Friday, March 10, 2017 7:25:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rajputs stopped Arabs and prevented enmasse conversion like it happened in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Persia, Egypt, Afghanistan...and many central asian countries. Bappa Rawal disciple of Guru Gorakhnath stopped Arabs and prevented conversion.
We lost Sindh in 715 AD ....Rajputana supported India since then and stands today for every one to come and see its marvelous lands....the slogan is Padharo Mahre Desh.
Babur was descendant of Mongol-turks whoose ancestors devasted entire central and middle east history of Ghenghis Khan. they had better Cannon firing ...Rana Sanga lost....against technology, not bravery. Rana pratap took the torch forward. Many Rajputs compromised under utter difficult situation but mostly directly or indirectly supported Indian communities like Jats, Marathas and Sikhs.
Ahoms certainly controlled Mughals and helped India. They hold prominent place in history.
We are all brothers. Keep the torch carried forward.

At Sunday, September 10, 2017 4:12:00 AM, Blogger Pranjit Kashyap said...

If ahoms did not checked mughals. All of southeast asia would come to the fold of islam

At Sunday, October 15, 2017 10:32:00 AM, Anonymous Rajballabhbaruah said...

You are absolutely right brother. Jai AHOM and Jai RAJPUT


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