There is No Fate But What We Make: Somebody explain Bush's strategy to me

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Somebody explain Bush's strategy to me

As Bush is going after Iran now, I can't help but wonder what a strange approach his has been. Before the advent of his "War on Terror", Iran was surrounded by enemies on both sides. The fanatic sunni Taliban hated the Iranian shia regime. Saddam Hussein's government fought Iran for eight years. If the war on terror helped any country become more powerful, it is Iran. As the US army destroyed both Taliban and Saddam's Bath regime, Iran not only got rid of its arch enemies, but also moved in to flex its muscle in Iraq and Afghanistan. As host to million plus refugees from Afghanistan, Iran had a legitimate say in what happens in post-Taliban Afghanistan. The Herat region is awash with Iranian agents singing to its master's tune. Historically, Herat has always been under Iran's part or at least in its sphere of influence. Now that influence is very strong and is something US will find hard to shake off. Recent elections in Iraq brought decided Iran sympathesizers to the forefront. Never has been Iranian control so strong over Iraq. This has been a gift from US to Iran. Now if US goes after Iran, there will be repurcussions in Iraq too - which will surely get destabilised by Iran sympathizers.

US resources are stretched to the breaking point already. The last thing it can afford is to make its enemy more powerful before an attack. Having committed the mistake, US would be better off discussing a negotiated solution to the current Iran issue. However, I doubt US would like to leave Iran alone now. Having understood the extent of Iranian influence, US can hardly leave the region as an open playfield for Iran.


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