There is No Fate But What We Make: Higher education success in India

Monday, May 15, 2006

Higher education success in India

Today i read some moronic comments about how IITs are better than top US schools because the acceptance rate at IIT is way lower than the top US schools.. and that Narayan Murthy's son treated Stanford/Cornell as safety schools... blah.. blah.. blah..

The best rebuttal of this is in Atanu Dey's blog... It is a Herculean task to get into a Mumbai local during commute hours, compared to that, using the Paris Metro is a piece of cake. Does that make the Mumbai local better than the Paris Metro ?

Congestion is not an indicator of quality.

The higher education in India will continue to suck and will lack innovation until:
1. Government gets out of it and allows free market forces to play. No subsidies, no control, no policy mandated affirmative action in higher educational institute.
2. Indians dump the culture of respecting teachers and respecting books. As long as the basic premise of our educational system is "teachers know it all" and "books are always right", there can be no innovation/creativity. Innovation needs an attitude of challenge/disrepect/disdain towards existing beliefs/order. Too much respect for teachers and books gets in the way of that.


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